Super Punch-Out!!
#26: Super Punch-Out!!

Released In: 1994
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      Fight your way to the top of the World Video Boxing Association in Nintendo's popular boxing game. There are fifteen deadly opponents (and Gabby Jay) waiting to challenge you in four highly competitive circuits. Are you man enough to beat them?

Syd Lexia: As a successor to the NES game, Super Punch-Out is pretty disappointing. But if you're looking for a reasonably entertaining 16-bit boxing game, this is your best bet.

Valdronius: Some people *ahem* thoroughly despise this game. I however, do not, possibly because I never really played Mike Tyson's Punch-Out on the NES. I knew about it, of course, but to me this game was a fresh boxing title. The characters were kind of goofy, but that was most of the fun. I still hate that bastard that kept spitting in my eye though.

Murdar Machene: This game has a lot of punches. One time I got so mad at this game that I "punched out" the cartridge from my Super Nintendo! Then, I took a three-hole punch, and "punched out" some holes in the game!

Douche McCallister: See Sydís article, all my thoughts are there. Who the fuck kicks you, spits in your face, throws juggling balls at you, smacks you with hair, hits you with a stick, or dry humps you to get their power back? Certainly not boxers. But Iíll be damned if it wasnít fun seeing Bald Bull and Tits McGee (i.e. Super Macho Man) in 16-bit glory.

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