#31: SimCity

Released In: 1991
Developer: Nintendo
Under License From: Maxis
Publisher: Nintendo

      Build houses, businesses, factories, power plants, hospitals, police stations and more in the Super Nintendo's port of the classic city-building game. The Nintendo version boasts some cool exclusive features, such as the helpful advisor Dr. Wright and cool milestone gifts. Also, the generic Godzilla-like monster that attack your town has been replaced with Bowser.

Syd Lexia: In terms of design and gameplay, the Super Nintendo version of SimCity is far superior to its computer counterparts. Unfortunately though, SimCity came out before the SNES mouse and was not supported by it. That means you have to build and maintain your city with the Super Nintendo controller, thus making your construction much slower and more tedious than it should have to be. Less-than-stellar controls aside, this is the definitive version of the SimCity, as the gifts give you an actual incentive to build a thriving city instead of just making a mediocre city and sending disasters to raze it.

greeneyedzeke: The sad part is that I didnít even know that this existed on the PC until about five years after I played it on the Super Nintendo. My favorite game to play in SimCity involved closing off all roads out of my town, destroying every hospital, loading up the land with nuclear power plants, then triggering every disaster possible; it was like my own little Three Mile Island. Years later, I found myself deriving enjoyment from torturing Sims to death.

Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

Valdronius: SimCity was the original Sim game. Not only did it have several direct sequels, it also led to SimAnt, SimEarth, SimTower, The Sims, and roughly 8,502 other games. But let's forget about all those shitty spin-offs and focus on this game, which is great in and of itself. The only thing you really have to battle in this game is money shortages, but thanks to a well-known million dollar cheat, even that was taken away. That reminds me, I've been neglecting my city, ValHalla, for far too long.

Murdar Machene: I liked it better on the PC.

Douche McCallister: What's better than building an ubercity with the $999,999 cheat? Destroying that city in thirty seconds by clicking on all the disasters. I never understood why you were able to do that, but hey, it's still a fun game. AMIRITE?

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