Illusion of Gaia
#22: Illusion of Gaia

Released In: 1994
Developer: Quintet
Publisher: Nintendo

      You are Will, a young boy and the sole survivor an ill-fated expedition to the Tower of Babel and no recollection of how you managed to escape. One day, you are confronted by a mysterious being known as Gaia and charged with the task of saving the world from evil. Your mission will take you all over the world, from England to South Africa to the Great Wall of China. Along the way, you'll meet a host of interesting characters, save a beautiful princess, recover fabulous treasures, and gain the ability to transform into two powerful beings, Freedan and Shadow. Unsuprisingly, you'll eventually make your way back to the Tower of Babel for the final battle.

Syd Lexia: This game probably should have been a little bit higher up on the list... it's fucking awesome.

Valdronius: Enix was one of my favorite companies in the 90s. They published a lot of great games for the SNES, and though we still have one more Quintet-made Enix-released game to come, I believe that this was their masterpiece. It has a similar style to Soul Blazer, but with all aspects taken to a higher level. There are also many connections to Soul Blazer strewn throughout: Turbo the Dog, the two people pretending not to kiss, and of course, the true form of Gem the Jeweler. This game has one of the most engrossing stories on the system, along with cool forms you can transform into, and even cooler abilities, like being able to sink through the floor. One of the finest SNES games ever made, I think #22 might be a little lower than it deserves.

Murdar Machene: Kinda like a precursor to Chrono Trigger with Zelda-like gameplay. I liked it.

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