Secret of Mana
#12: Secret of Mana

Released In: 1993
Developer: Square
Publisher: Square

      One day a young boy finds a rusty sword lying at the bottom of a river and pulls it out. It is the Mana Sword, and by disturbing it, he has unwittingly unleashed hordes of monsters. Now, to set things right, he must find Mana Seeds hidden in eight castles and seal them with his sword; only then can the world be saved. That's the short version, anyway. Things get a lot more complicated as you progress through the game. After all, there's a reason people consider this one of the greatest games ever made.

Syd Lexia: I don't care what other people say. This is a great game, even if it's not the prequel to Secret of Evermore.

Valdronius: For some my friends always liked playing this game with three people; I never saw the entertainment in doing so. If you got stuck playing as the girl, you weren't going to have much fun, since you were running around with zero offensive capabilities. Also, waiting while your friend cycled through the ring menus looking for a spell tended to be quite annoying. I much preferred playing this game alone, and it was awesome. I only ever got the Level 9 sword and spear, and I only ever got the gloves to Level 6, but the gloves sucked anyway. Rabite gets WHACKED!

Murdar Machene: When I was a dumb kid, I had no idea you could wait for the charge meter to fill to 100% to get a full damage attack, so I would always grind level ups until my normal button mash idiot attacks were doing rediculous damage. The only bosses I had trouble with in this game were Spiky Tiger, Doom's Wall, and the Mana Beast at the end.

Douche McCallister: Secret of Mana was my first Super Nintendo game, aside from the mandatory Super Mario World. I got to the end of the game and found out I was missing orbs... I didnít realize you had to actually find them in chests from randomly killed enemies. Damn you Square, canít you just let people play through a game without having to get lucky and accidentally stumble upon crucial items?

Awesome game, awesome concept, awesome music. I want a pet Rabite.

Knyte: Few people realize that this was a sequel to Seiken Densetsu, which was released in America as Final Fantasy Adventure. Yes, the Game Boy game. Also, Secret of Mana was originally going to be a launch title for the aborted Super Nintendo CD drive. After the project was canceled, the game had to be cut down to fit onto a regular SNES cartridge. In additional to graphical changes, a significant portion of original content was cut as well. Do I smell a 15th anniversary director's cut? I sure hope so.

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