Super Metroid
#2: Super Metroid

Released In: 1994
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo

      Samus has successfully destroyed all known Metroids in the universe, except for one, which she brings to the Ceres Space Colony as a research specimen. Shortly after her departure from Ceres, Samus receives a distress signal from the colony. She returns to find that it being attacked by her old enemy Ridley. Samus attempts to stop him, but she fails, and Ridley escapes with the Metroid specimen and activates the colony's self-destruct sequence. Samus makes it out just in time, and she tracks Ridley back to Zebes, the old space pirate base where she fought him, Kraid, and Mother Brain in the original Metroid game. She finds that the pirates have completely rebuilt their base. Knowing what will happen if the pirates begin replicating the Metroids again, Samus sets out to destroy their base a second time.

Syd Lexia: Both this game and Final Fantasy III were insanely close to taking the #1 slot, and both would have been exceedingly worthy candidates for that honor. Super Metroid in particular has often been called the greatest Super Nintendo game ever. Certainly, the gaming experience it provides is nothing short of orgasmic. With its open-ended gameplay, phemonenal graphics, amazing music, and jaw-dropping boss battles, this game is nothing short of perfect. When people accuse Nintendo of making nothing but kiddie games, kindly point them to Super Metroid. It's as intense and adult as any game needs to be.

Valdronius: If you want to talk about atmosphere in a video game, Super Metroid defined the term for the SNES. The dark, subtle background music gave an indelible sense of isolation while inside planet Zebes. Combine that with flawless gameplay and it's no wonder this game comes in as high as it does. The only bad thing I will say about this game is that the final battle with Mother Brain was far too easy.

Murdar Machene: This is probably my personal number one. It's got all the blaster weapons, all the wallflips, all the sexy graphicals, and pretty much the best music ever. Timeless classic.

Douche McCallister: Super Metroid, one of the few games I have played through over a dozen times. Everyone I'm sure heard a rumor if you beat it quick enough she shows up naked. I always got her down to a shirt and shorts but never naked...did I do something wrong, was 2 hours not quick enough for you Samus...she still remains one of the only girls to reward me for finishing quickly except my ex-girlfriend... but she's a slut.

DarkMaze: Ohhhhhh yes. One of my all-time favorite games. It's a truly great sequel: everything you loved about the original, but all exponentially better than before. It’s gorgeous, spooky, and the sound is fantastic. The weapons rock (there’s not just bombs, there’s POWER bombs!), as do all the new gizmos. The monsters and bosses are all wonderfully creepy, and the entire world draws you into it. I remember being filled with despair as I found myself lost in the watery labyrinths of Maridia, unable to find an exit as the stage’s slow, eerie music seeped into my brain. And I loved all the game's surprise twists at the end.

One downside, however, is that Samus doesn’t have quite as many, er, stages of undress at the end as she does in the original Metroid. The first time through I beat the game in about 9 hours, and she only opened her visor, revealing a bit of her face. I knew the best ending (read: underwear!!) was for winning in under 3 hours, so I tried again. My time? A depressingly close 3:09. My reward? The same damn thing!!! Argh, Samus you’re such a dirty tease!

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