Final Fantasy II
#8: Final Fantasy II

Released In: 1991
Developer: Square
Publisher: Square

      Journey around the world with Cecil, a Dark Knight who becomes a Paladin. Along the way, you'll drive around in a hovercraft, ride a couple of Chocobos, pilot a couple of airships, and obtain a giant fucking spaceship. You'll also fight your brother, defeat evil monsters on the Moon, and get married. I know this is a pretty crappy description, but it would take FOREVER to properly describe Final Fantasy II's complex and awesome plot. This game is really Final Fantasy IV.

Syd Lexia: This is my absolute favorite SNES RPG, everything about it was perfect: the story, the graphics, the music, and the gameplay itself. Rydia and Tellah were by far my favorite characters in the game. Suffice to say, I was completely pissed when Tellah got killed and Rydia got swallowed by the Leviathan. Rydia eventually comes back, as does almost everyone else who seemingly dies, but Tellah stays dead. So Yang and Cid can apparently survive giant fucking explosions, but Tellah can't survive kicking Golbez's ass. What the fuck? Oh well, Rydia was better anyway. I was all about collecting all of her Call spells, to the point of psychosis. Oh, and let me tell you something about the super secret Call spells - Imp, Bomb, and Mage - they're not worth it. You have to fight an ungodly number of battles to get them and they're pretty much useless. Mage is kind of decent, but seriously, don't waste your time on Imp or Bomb.

greeneyedzeke: The Magus Sisters need to go die in a fire. God I hated those annoying bitches.

Anyway, Final Fantasy II sticks out for me because of its music. No matter how iffy the translation was (admit it, it was spotty in places), the music sold whatever emotion the game was attempting to convey. Also, the scrolling effects in the background of the fight against Zeromus is one of my favorite things from the 16-bit generation.

Douche McCallister: I am a living breathing walkthrough of this game. It's hard to forget it when you played it through a dozen times. It wasn’t until last year that I found out that you could get the Pink Tail and trade it for the ore needed to make Adamant Armor. It's insanely hard to get, but it was totally worth it. Ok, so it wasn’t really worth it, but this game still kicks ass. This is one of the few RPGs I still have yet to get everything in.

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