Chrono Trigger
#6: Chrono Trigger

Released In: 1995
Developer: Square
Publisher: Square

      What starts off as an assuming day at a fair in 1000 A.D. quickly turns into a tale of time travel, swords, and sorcery in Square's legendary RPG. An evil entity known as Lavos threatens the future of the world, and it's up the young hero Crono and his friends to destroy it in an adventure that spans from 65,000,000 B.C. to the End of Time.

Syd Lexia: My second favorite 16-bit RPG, right behind Final Fantasy II. And yet, Chrono Trigger is two spots ahead of FF2 on this list. Shows what I know, huh? Few people realize it, but this game is actually what led to Nintendo and Square's falling out in the late 90s, not Square's determination to incorporate FMV into Final Fantasy VII. You see, it was Chrono Trigger's Frog who originally came up with the idea for Animal Crossing. While he was helping Crono defeat Lavos, he was also hoarding gold so that he could someday buy enough land to build a special gated community for annoying anthropomorphic animals. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of blabbing his plan to a certain Tom Nook. Tom Nook then promptly beat Frog to death with a golden shovel and bought the land himself. He also raised Frog from the dead and forced him to do pointless chores around Nookington's until he had earned enough money for a proper burial. Square, of course, was quite upset that a Nintendo character had killed one of their creations, and promptly vowed to dick over Nintendo for an extended period of time.

And remember kids, don't choose to fight Magus after Crono dies.

Valdronius: Glenn was always my favorite character in this game. Well, actually that's not true. Glenn was kind of a wuss. Frog was my favorite character. His theme kicked ass and was the best in the game. Screw you, Magus fanboys. For some reason, however, the Frog vs. Magus ending was the only ending I never got around to achieving. I suppose I can take consolation in the ending where Frog shacks up with the Queen and Marle turns into a frog. I suppose I should also give a shout out to that Shist on the floating island that keeps respawning when you leave the screen. God bless you, you Tech Point whore.

Murdar Machene: Probably my favorite SNES RPG of all time. Going back and playing this one makes me realize it doesn't really get fun until the end, but once all the story arcs from the various eras culminate into the final battle, it gets pretty epic.

Douche McCallister: When I got my Super Nintendo, I sold all my NES games at a garage sale and went to Zappers with all the money I had made and bought Secret of Mana for like $45 used. I had about $70 dollars left and wanted to buy Chrono Trigger, which was $69.99 new. I went to buy it and my mom freaked out about the price and said we'd go to Media Play. We went to Media Play and they had it for the same price, so then she took me to Toys "R" Us. So we got to Toys "R" Us and they didn't have it, and she said she wasn't driving anywhere else, so I had to pick out a game there. The only one that looked remotely interesting was Kirby Super Star, so I got that. I wish I had saved my money...

Anyway, Chrono Trigger. I can't count the time I have put into this game over the past decade, but I'd put my gameplay hours in the bllions if I had to guess. Rough estimate, of course. Square has a lot of big titles on this list and this is definitly one of them. This game's popularity brought on a much-anticipated sequel that had nothing in common with the original game except the name Chrono and the Shala character. Very disappointing...

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