Super Mario World
#4: Super Mario World

Released In: 1991
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      After the events of Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario, Luigi, and the Princess decide to go on a nice relaxing vacation in Dinosaur Land. But while they're there, the Princess is abducted and soon becomes clear that Bowser and his Koopa Kids are behind the plot. Not only that, but they've taken over Dinosaur Land. Now Mario, Luigi, and their new dinosaur friend Yoshi are going to have to defeat the evil Bowser and restore peace once again.

Syd Lexia: A classic game to be sure, but I don't think it should be quite this high. The game is gorgeous to look at and incredibly fun to play, but it's also a fucking cakewalk. There are only a few levels that will actually challenge you, and most of those are optional. But the biggest problem with Super Mario World is that it marked the end of a legacy instead of the beginning of a new one. Super Mario World was Mario's last true sidescrolling adventure; the so-called Super Mario World 2 was really a Yoshi game in disguise, and the much-hyped New Super Mario Bros. was far too easy and short to ever be considered a serious entry into the Super Mario series. Sonic The Hedgehog appeared in three and a half platformers on the Genesis, each of which was well-received. After the success of his launch title, Mario deserved at least one more 16-bit sidescrolling adventure. You know, something that took the basic game mechanics of Super Mario World and incorporated them into a game that was more significantly challenging. Unfortunately, we never got that game. Instead, we got motherfucking Super Mario All-Stars. Nintendo has been patting themselves on the back recently over Super Mario Galaxy, talking about how it's the "spiritual successor" to Super Mario 64. And yeah, Galaxy is pretty goddam fantastic, but where the fuck is the spiritual successor to Super Mario World?

Despite its lack of difficulty and lack of sequels, Super Mario World has a strange allure to it. Out of all the games on this list, it is the one I find myself replaying the most, and I enjoy it every time. And ultimately, that's all that really matters.

greeneyedzeke: Christmas Eve 1991 holds a particularly strong memory for me – the first time a video game made me blink. I had just opened and hooked up my shiny new Super NES and the first game I popped into the cartridge slot was Super Mario World, which I’d been reading about in the interminable months leading up to this evening. With the “ding” of a coin block popping, the Nintendo logo appeared against an all-black background And then... eyes watered. The screen flooded with color as Mario rode his new buddy Yoshi across a vista full of sparkly wonder. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. That night Pilotwings actually earned more playing time, but in the ensuing weeks, my life revolved around Mario and his thwarting of Koopa’s minions. It was an introduction to the wonders of upgraded technology and a turning point in my life, as it essentially sealed my love of video games for good.

Valdronius: Who doesn't remember the first time they gazed upon a shiny new SNES console and hit that power button, knowing, within seconds of the game's opening, that their lives would never be the same. This title defined the SNES, but it doesn't just make fourth place because it was the first. There was hours of game to be played, and enough secrets to keep avid gamers busy for days. It set a very high standard for other companies looking to build games for the system. Some failed miserably, others took the console and pushed it to its limits, giving us the games that are rounding out this list.

Murdar Machene: It's my second favorite Mario game ever, however, it's also one of the easiest. Honestly, you can fly over the entire fucking game. I still replay this one from time to time over with random friends.

Douche McCallister: If you haven't played this game do us and everyone around you a favor and blow your brains out. The staple of the Nintendo franchise, boldly going no where any plumber has gone before. Armed with his trusty cape, and dinosaur who will eat just about anything, it's your mission to rescue surprise surprise Princess Peach. Mario and Link should team up and file a lawsuit or something. They aren't married, they get no nookie... why do it, Mario? WHY!?

Darkmaze: It doesn’t. Get. Old. Super Mario World is always fun. What can I say? It’s Mario. SMW expanded on the awesomeness of SMB3 with better flying, a cooler world map, phenomenal music, and well, everything. The only negative thing I can say about it is that it’s responsible for me getting Mario Teaches Typing as a kid, because my naïve mind thought it would be like a PC version of Super Mario World with maybe a tiny bit of typing. I was a stupid child.

Also, I’ve never ever beaten the Special Zone without cheating...

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