Donkey Kong Country
#16: Donkey Kong Country

Released In: 1994
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo

      One night, Donkey Kong decides to put his pal Diddy Kong in charge of guarding his banana stash. Unfortunately, this move happens to coincides with an assault on the stash, in which the evil K. Rool and his Kremling minions run off with all of Donkey Kong's yellow potassium-filled treats. When Donkey Kong returns the next morning, he finds his bananas are gone and that Diddy has been stuffed in a nearby barrel. DK doesn't take shit from anyone, especially not some random guy that wasn't even created by Nintendo, so he sets out to avenge and/or retrieve his food supply. Oh yeah, and Diddy goes with him.

Syd Lexia: In more recent years, this game has made its way onto several lists of "overrated" games. These lists usually discuss how the game's graphics were incessantly hyped when they really weren't all that great. I find this to be is largely true. Donkey Kong Country probably would have looked a lot better if it had been done in 2D and played upon the Super Nintendo hardware's strengths, instead of finding clever ways to work around the system's weakness. However, some critics also complain that the game's gimmicky graphics seem to blind people to the fact that Donkey Kong Country is an exceptionally mediocre platformer. This is completely false. Donkey Kong Country is as finely crafted and fun to play as pretty much any other top platformer from Nintendo's Silver Age.

Valdronius: Didn't we just see a DKC game not too long ago? I'm pretty sure the only reason this game bumped its younger, cooler sibling is because of the fact that it came first. When Donkey Kong Country came out it was absolutely beautiful and played like a dream. Even after using Nintendo Power years ago to locate all the bonus levels in the game, I still can't get all the secrets in Orang-utan Gang. Still, it's a great game. I will never forgive Rare, however, for the inclusion of that ridiculous BADBUDDY code.

Murdar Machene: This game does secrets and "unlockable" shit the right way. Rare made it fun to explore the level, look for places to smash holes in the walls, and collect a bunch of balloons and shit in bonus caves. Good times.

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