Breath of Fire II
#21: Breath of Fire II

Released In: 1995
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

      The evil followers of St. Eva's Church are planning to take over the world. Led by the high priest Habaruku, the church is intent on unleashing their wicked god upon the world. You are Ryu, a generic blue-haired descendant of the legendary Light Dragon Clan, and it is your quest to stop this from happening. Oh yeah, and you're not the Ryu from the first game, despite looking suspiciously like him. That's right, just like Link. Maybe that's why Nintendo hired Capcom to port A Link To The Past to the Game Boy Advance.

Syd Lexia: In the first game, Ryu could turn into a dragon for the entirety of combat and hit for 999 damage each round with his more powerful forms. In Breath of Fire II, Ryu can only transform into a dragon briefly, and I believe the maximum damage he can do is 512. That's actually a good thing though, because the dragons were RETARDEDLY powerful in the first game. Not only is the sequel a much more balanced game, but the story is infinitely better as well.

Valdronius: This game involves WAY too much backtracking for its own good, but it still manages to be a superb title. Aside from the traditional RPG elements, it also has a town-building aspect. While there isn't a lot of customization available for you, you do get to pick which carpenter builds your town, and each carpenter has a special ability. One keeps a record of various game stats such as time and steps taken, which is pretty damn useless. Another will take items you bring him and make his wife cook you things with them. This is supposedly the best carpenter, as you can use the items she makes to max out your stats. The third and final carpenter allows you to use the tolen that you find throughout the game to collect some decent weapons and such. The coolest part of the game for me, however, is the ability to junction your characters with shamans that you find during the game. There are six shamans in all, and if you junction the correct two onto a character, they transform into a huge mega-powered character. Ah, the hours I spent fighting giant flies with Katt, Rand and Nina pumped up on shaman steriods. Good times.

Douche McCallister: How do you make the first Breath of Fire better? Make the game cooler. The dragon transformation system isn't anywhere near as broken this time around, but it's all good when you have Spar, Jean and Nina in your party... oh wait, they kinda sucked. On the plus side, you could upgrade your party with shamans and the graphics got a major overhaul. Also, the story was awesome. Capcom could definitely make good RPGs when they felt like it.

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