Mega Man X2
#27: Mega Man X2

Released In: 1994
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

      It's been six months since X defeated Sigma, but the Maverick Rebellion continues. As leader of Maverick Hunters, X tracks the surviving Mavericks to a Reploid factory and launches a massive attack. Many Mavericks are destroyed, but the Hunters are unsuccesful in fully quashing the robot rebellion. Then three powerful Maverick leaders - Serges, Agile, and Violen - come up with a plan. Dubbing themselves the X-Hunters, they collect the pieces of X's fallen comrade Zero and beginning taunting X. It's a trap, of course, and an old enemy is behind it...

Syd Lexia: After dying in the first game, Zero was miraculously resurrected in X2 and went on to appear in every subsequent Mega Man X game, as well as starring in the Mega Man Zero series on the Game Boy Advance. This was a smart move on Capcom's part, because Zero is way cooler than X.

X2 is often regarded as the pinnacle of the X series, but the game has some weirdass bosses. I mean seriously, an ostrich? A fucking sponge!? What the hell were they thinking? Somehow they make it work though.

Valdronius: As mentioned before, I kind of ignored the X series of games. X2 is possibly my least favorite of the three 16-bit Mega Man X games. It's still a solid game though. Most notably, if you collect everything, you can obtain the ability to perform a Shoryuken that kills almost all bosses in a single hit. You have to be at full health to use it, but still, that's pretty awesome.

Murdar Machene: More like Mega Man X-POO!

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