#23: F-Zero

Released In: 1991
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      Race through insane futuristic cityscapes in this exciting racing game from Nintendo. Smash into other cars, use ramps to jump over deadly pits, and marvel at the cool Mode 7 effects. Before there was Super Mario Kart, there was F-Zero. Oh yeah, and try not to get yourself exploded...

Syd Lexia: I am not a fan of racing games. I generally find them to be boring, stupid, and incredibly repetitive. Despite this, I fucking love F-Zero. With its cool car designs, neon cities, great music and explosions, it was a far cry from tired old bullshit like Outrun, Rad Racer, Super Sprint, and Pole Position. As a result, it has earned place alongside Micro Machines, Mario Kart 64, MegaRace, and Burnout Revenge as a racing game that I can actually respect.

Valdronius: This game got me in a lot of trouble. I played this game so much when I was young, that when I got my license, I would sometimes slip into F-Zero mode. When ever I would see a slow moving vehicle with blinking lights, I'd ram into it, hoping it would explode like in the game. Again, I apologize to the family of that elderly lady, but she sort of deserved it for forgetting to turn off her signalling light.

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