Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
#15: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Released In: 1995
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      An evil Magikoopa named Kamek attempts to take twin babies from a stork, but only succeeds in capturing one of them. The other one falls into sea and is rescued by a friendly Yoshi. That child is Baby Mario, the prisoner is Baby Luigi. You are Yoshi. As Baby Mario's de facto caretaker, you must keep him safe from danger and reunite him with brother. Also, there's a final badass showdown with Baby Bowser.

Syd Lexia: I intentionally avoided this game for years. I wasn't really interested in the whole Baby Mario thing, and I found the highly stylized graphics to be highly annoying. But I think my biggest problem with this game stems from the fact that Nintendo of America decided to dub it Super Mario World 2. It was *not* Super Mario World 2 and when cast in that light, the game comes off as severely lacking. Hell, the Super Scope game Yoshi's Safari has more in common with Super Mario World than Yoshi's Island does and that game was a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER.

But if you look at Yoshi's Island as a stand-alone game that has nothing to do with Super Mario World, it's actually quite charming. The quirky graphics are actually kind of refreshing, and the game offers up pure platforming fun. Baby Mario is still pretty fucking annoying though.

Valdronius: Yoshi's Island came out near the end of the glory days of the SNES, so it really had no excuse to not be absolutely fantastic. I don't really remember my first time playing through this game, but I'm pretty sure I beat it and got 100% on almost all the levels. Going back and playing it today, I find the jumping physics to be rather frustrating. The game may look really pretty, but between the jumping and that damn crying baby, I just don't know.

Murdar Machene: I didn't really like this game. I think that the emphasis on collecting stupid shit was a bad turn for Nintendo. I hate red coins, they're not fun. Fuck you, Yoshi. Also the game looks like a clown fucking barfed all over it. As the final point of hatred towards this game, I fucking loathe the Yoshi sounds that Nintendo retconned ito the GBA version. Fuck you Nintendo, those sounds are annoying as hell. If I wanted to hear a dinosaur grunt like it was trying to take a shit, I would build a time machine and go back and watch a dinosaur take a shit. The one redeeming quality of this game is the Fuzzy-induced drug trips.

Douche McCallister: I remember when I used to play this, my mom always used to yell at me to mute it because Baby Mario would start crying everytime I got hit. I was a lot younger then, so it happened pretty frequently. Sometimes it was on purpose... Iím not gonna lie. I have yet to see Yoshi turn into a helicopter or a train in any other Mario game, maybe it died off with all the inbreeding. Are there even any female Yoshis?

Knyte: Leave it to those wacky Japanese to not only make a game about babysitting, but also make it fun to play. Still, there were a few times I just want to chuck Baby Mario into a large ravine or lava lake.

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