Mega Man X
#7: Mega Man X

Released In: 1993
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

      In the year 21XX, an archaeologist named Dr. Cain discovered the remains of a lab that once belonged to Dr. Light. Inside, he found a capsule containing a highly advanced robot called Mega Man X. Cain soon learned that X was imbued with human-like intelligence and emotion and decided to try and recreate the design. With the help of Dr. Light's notes as well as X himself, Cain was successful in creating a series of replicate androids, or Reploids. Unfortunately, Cain's design was imperfect. The robots had completely free will and some of them became violent and insubordinate. These rogue Reploids became known as Mavericks. To counteract this threat, an elite force known as the Maverick Hunters was formed. Led by a Sigma, a special robot designed by Dr. Cain, the Hunters tracked down Mavericks and destroyed them. But then something happened. Sigma suddenly went Maverick, and most of the Hunters joined him. Under Sigma's leadership, they plan to eradicate the "inferior" human race that created them. Now it's up to Mega Man X, who feels guilty for helping to create the Reploids, and Zero, the last remaining Maverick Hunter, to take down Sigma and save humanity.

Syd Lexia: This one of the few games I can think of that actually rewards you for playing poorly. If you're an idiot and you don't find the X-Buster upgrade, Zero will give you his slightly superior Z-Buster before he sacrifices himself in the first section of Sigma's base. What the fuck, Capcom? Still, you gotta give it up for Mega Man X; it was the first Mega Man game to have an actual plot. Not only that, but it was just as fun as the earlier games... maybe moreso.

Valdronius: I remember turning this game on for the first time and wondering what was wrong with the boss names. Shouldn't that be Penguin Man? Elephant Man? Eagle Man? Boomer Kuwanger Man? I was also a little thrown off by the tiny health meter. Fortunately everything came together in the end to give me one of the best gaming experiences on the SNES. Hadouken!

Murdar Machene: This game is pretty sweet because of the awesome music and radical graphics, but it frustrates the shit out of me because I can never be bothered to remember the boss order, or where all the items are. To be honest, the only Mega Man game I really give a shit about is Mega Man 2. I just can't deal with the Metal Blade deficiency in those other Mega Man games.

Douche McCallister: The first Mega Man on the Super Nintendo and boy, was it awesome. Mega Man 5 had come out a year earlier, so what better to do then call it Mega Man X and completely confuse the hell out of your audience. Is it Mega Man 10, is it his prototype, what's the deal? There is much debate in the Mega Fan community as to whether on not there will ever be a Mega Man 9, and whether or not Mega Man & Bass counts as Mega Man 9. Who knows? All I know is this game rocks my face off with upgrades and hidden fireball moves. I will always remember the order and the location of all the stuff in this game.

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