Super Castlevania IV
#11: Super Castlevania IV

Released In: 1991
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami

      Every one hundred years, Dracula is reborn unto this world. And every hundred years, a member of the legendary Belmont clan appears and defeats him. In this reimagining of the original Castlevania, the task of defeating the vampire lord falls upon Simon.

Syd Lexia: As I mentioned 64 pages ago, the word Super appeared in the titles of Super Nintendo games simply to remind you that they were in fact Super Nintendo games. Not so with Super Castlevania IV. Being that Super Castlevania is a completely redesigned version of the first Castlevania, the name is actually quite apropos. What's not so apropos is the Roman numeral at the end of the game's title; strictly speaking, this is *not* Castlevania IV. But hey, whatever. Petty semantics aside, Super Castlevania IV rules.

Douche McCallister: One of the last 2D sidescrolling Castlevanias ever to grace a console. I still have nightmares of that damn cog killing me for not being fast enough. It has killer music and semi-tough levels. It's not as challenging as Dracula's Curse on the NES, but it's still a damn fine game and staple of any good SNES collection.

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