#61: Harvest Moon
#61: Harvest Moon

Released In: 1997
Developer: Amccus
Publisher: Natsume

      The first game in the prolific farming sim series places you in the role of a manly farmer who has just inherited his grandfather's ranch. You have two years of game time to transform your rundown old plot of land into the best damn farm in the whole world. And if you get lonely, you can try and win a wife. That's right, I said *win*, wanna fight about it?

Syd Lexia: Japanese people love the Harvest Moon franchise. So does my sister.

Kris Lexia: Harvest Moon is amazing. I never thought farming could be so much fun!

Syd Lexia: See? I fucking told you!

Valdronius: I never understood how a game about growing vegetables could be entertaining. Then I played it... for weeks. The Harvest Moon series may be a phenomenon in and of itself, but the popularity of "non-action" games in general is mindboggling to me. Animal Crossing, anyone?

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