R-Type III: The Third Lightning
#59: R-Type III: The Third Lightning

Released In: 1994
Developer: Irem
Publisher: Jaleco

      Blast off in the latest R-Type model and repel the invading forces of the Bydo Empire in this insanely good sidescrolling space shooter. Fight your way through all six intense stages and defeat the Bydo mothership!

Syd Lexia: One of the video game genres where the Super Nintendo far outshined the Genesis was space shooters. The SNES had a ton of amazing shoot 'em ups: R-Type III, Gradius III, U.N. Squadron, Super Nova, HyperZone, Cybernator... and those are just the best ones we got stateside. Meanwhile Genesis had, well, nothing. Oh sure, you could play Zero Wing if you lived in Europe, but that's not much better than nothing. It's certainly not better than R-Type III, which should have been ranked way higher than #59 on this list.

Valdronius: Space shooters were a staple of the early 90s. As such, I'm pretty sure that everyone who owned a SNES owned at least one. These games were about more than just dodging insane amounts of bullets and blowing up wave after wave of enemy ships and huge bosses; part of the draw of these games was customization, which came in the form of the various upgradable weapons you could choose from. R-Type III may be really hard, but with nine different weapons that can mount on the front or rear of your ship, in addition to your basic shot, wall hugging bombs, top and bottom shields, and an overdrive weapon, this game was still really fun.

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