Mega Man 7
#51: Mega Man 7

Released In: 1995
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

      Dr. Wily is at again, and it's up to Mega Man to stop him. Battle against eight new Robot Masters - Freeze Man, Junk Man, Burst Man, Cloud Man, Shade Man, Spring Man, Slash Man, and Turbo Man - as well as Bass, Gutsman, Proto Man, and Wily himself in the seventh installment of the original Mega Man series.

Syd Lexia: This is the first classic Mega Man game to have any sort of real plot, and the plot is done very well. I miss the old 8-bit Mega Man sprite, but other than that, this game is phenomenal.

Valdronius: The Mega Man series lost something for me when it went 16-bit. Maybe it was the X-style intro level. Maybe it was the introduction of Bass. It might even have been the fact that you only get to fight four robot masters at the outset of the game. Whatever it was, this game lacks the appeal the original six had. Well, maybe just the original four. Either way, this is a nice game, but not for me.

Douche McCallister: Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man 7? Just when I got used to the new badass Mega Man games and all the cool shit that went along with them, I get thrown back into a crappy old Mega Man with his gay little robot sidekicks and bosses such as Spring Man. Great idea, Capcom.

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