Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
#50: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

Released In: 1996
Developer: Neverland
Publisher: Natsume

      Despite being called Lufia II, this is actually a prequel set ninety-nine years before the original Lufia game. The storyline follows Maxim, a young red-haired warrior who leades a group of heroes into battle against the four Sinsitrals: Gades, Erim, Amon, and Daos. The game plays pretty much like any other classic RPG, but with one really cool innovation: capsule monsters, which are absolutely NOTHING like Pokemon. Okay, maybe a little bit.

Syd Lexia: It's really too bad the SNES was more or less dead when Lufia II came out, because it kicks ass.

Douche McCallister: This is one of my absolute favorite games ever for any system. Itís got puzzles, a revamped fighting scheme, tools, a great story, and capsule monsters. They took the ancient cave from the first Lufia and made it better. They made magic better too... they pretty much made the overall game better in general. Play this damn game... Natsume commands it!

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