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Centipede: The Board Game
Read an article based on a board game based on a video game based on an insect. You'll like it.
For 2 Players, Ages 7-14


Summer Cleaning Crapstravaganza
While cleaning my house, I discovered twelve pieces of useless junk. Look at my junk.
Come on, just look at it.


Terrapin Logo
Before the Ninja Turtles, there was the Logo turtle. He didn't fight Shredder and he lacked any formal training in martial arts, but he was cool.
Also, he was more of a triangle than an actual turtle.


Syd Lexia on Devil World
In 1984, Nintendo made a video game with the word "devil" in the title.
Unfortunately, no one at Nintendo had any idea what the devil looked like.


Girls of the NES
You know what would be fun? Deciding how hot female characters from NES games are.
Well, maybe not. But I did it anyway.


A Totally Terrific Tribute To Taito
Alliteration is always awesome. You know what else is awesome? The Taito Corporation.
They did all sorts of other shit besides Bubble Bobble, you know.


Grapes Of Wrath: The Children's Book
OK, so this one time in high school English, I had to adapt a classic Steinbeck novel into a children's book.
It was fun.


Syd Lexia on Konami's Aliens
In 1990, Konami released an arcade game based on a classic James Cameron movie from 1986.
Does the game live up to the movie's awesomeness? Um... not quite.


Clarissa Explains It All: The Game
So apparently there's a board game based on Clarissa Explains It All.
You may be shocked to learn it's terrible.


Syd Lexia On Super Punch-Out!!
What's so "super" about Nintendo's follow-up to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out? Pretty much nothing.
WARNING: If you like this game, you won't like this review.


Into The Distance, A Ribbon Of Black
1985: In a decision that was meant to bury the band, Roger Waters quit Pink Floyd and embarked on a solo career.
1987: The remaining members release a kickass album.


Syd Lexia on Rolling Thunder
In 1986, the KKK, the gays, and a chemo patient in a blue dress kidnapped some chick and tried to take over the world.
Or something like that.


The Animals' Christmas Eve
In this belated Christmas article, we'll read a book about lambs and puppies who love Jesus Christ.
Oh well, at least I finished it before The Epiphany.


The Ten Best Christmas Movies Ever
Using limited empirical evidence, I offer up my list of the best Christmas movies ever.
Ten points if you can name the movie pictured below without cheating.


Movie Posters and the Philosophy of Art
Watch as I attempt to mix philosophy and pop culture. It's like wicked intellectual and stuff. Sort of.
Total Swear Count: One.


Once upon a time, there was a fat orange cat who kids loved. Only this cat didn't sit around eating lasagna, he went around kicking ass.
It's motherfucking Heathcliff, bitches!


SydLexia.com: A Retrospective
As SydLexia.com celebrates its birthday, Syd Lexia bloviates on the nature of the site.
WARNING: If you don't enjoy this, I will eat your fucking soul.


Syd Lexia on Monster Party
If you like monsters and/or parties, there's a mild chance you might enjoy Monster Party.
WARNING: This game was made by Bandai.


Syd Lexia vs. Batman Cereal
In 1989, Ralston released the cereal of equivalent of Smilex on an unsuspecting public.
Sixteen years later, it still sucks.


Dr. Jeebus Presents DuckTales
In his first article, Dr. Jeebus takes on an NES classic, Capcom's DuckTales.
Featured: Diamonds and cake.


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