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Transformers: The Unaired PSAs
The Transformers have a series of unaired 1980s public service announcements that far outshine the G.I. Joe ones.
Just kidding, they're corny as hell.


The A-Team: B.A. Lends A Hand In The Race For The Formula
So anyway, The A-Team had their own board game.
It was a lot like the show's fifth season: disappointing.


Maniac Mansion Endings: A Valdronius Presentation
The only bad thing about Maniac Mansion is that it ends.
Fortunately, there are enough different endings to keep you playing it over and over again.


Jobbers of the NES
The enclosed article is dedicated to those brave souls who do the J-O-B on the N-E-S.
HINT: Al Snow is not one of them.


Misleading Arcade Game Titles
There's an arcade game called Hot Shocker and if you're anything like me, you're going to be disappointed with it.
VERY disappointed.


Law Of The West: A Review By Valdronius
If you've got a sharp mind, you can talk your way out of any situation. If you've got a quick hand, you can shoot your way out instead.
Law Of The West can teach you how to do both, but mostly it'll teach you that shooting hookers and children is fun and easy.


Sesame Street Ruined My Entire Fucking Life
Sesame Street fucked up my brain. Like, a lot.
Also, I think the show might secretly be run by child molesters.


Toxic Crusaders: A Review By Valdronius
There's trouble brewing at the old abandoned Tromaville Pet Shop! This looks like a job for THE TOXIC AVENGER!
Or something like that. In his second article for SydLexia.com, Valdronius reviews a craptastic Bandai game.


MAD Magazine No. 292: Super Mario And More!
For no apparent reason whatsoever, I've decided to review an old issue of MAD. It has Super Mario on the cover, so it must be good.
WARNING: Actual article may not contain Super Mario.


An Ode To My Black Concert T-Shirts
In a world where repeated washings fade and ruin clothing, Syd Lexia decides to preserve his prized collection of concert tees through digital photography.
Wait, why the fuck am I talking about myself in the third person? Don't worry about that, just read the damn article.


Pocky & Rocky: A Review By Valdronius
In his first article for SydLexia.com, Valdronius reviews a Super Nintendo game by the name of Pocky & Rocky.
If you've never heard of it, you're missing out.


The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To Love
The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past is probably the greatest game ever.
Also, it's a top secret dating guide.


The Five SNES Games You Play In Hell
Friends, I have seen the blackest depths of Hell. The good news is that they have Super Nintendo.
The bad news is that they don't have Legend of Zelda.


The Christmas Ornament Showcase
Guess what? I still have a bunch of Christmas ornaments from the 80s and early 90s.
Hey, I bet I could write an article about them.


Happy Meal Prizes, Round 1
I review five sets of classic Happy Meal toys for no apparent reason whatsoever.
What makes these toys classic? Easy, they're old.


Cheat Your Own Adventure: The Cave Of Time
In his second article, Dr. Jeebus fights his way through a series of deadly binary options.
If you used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books, run away and hold onto your false memories.


Mystery House
In 1980, Sierra On-Line, then known as On-Line Systems, released its first computer game.
Behold the black and green majesty of Mystery House!


The McDonald's Halloween Pails
In October 1986, McDonald's gave out cheap plastic pails in lieu of a fun Happy Meal prize.
Twenty years later, I finally decided to write about them.


Syd Lexia on Friday the 13th
In 1989, Jason Voorhees attempted to bring his psychotic Crystal Lake killing spree to the NES.
He was thwarted by six camp coeds with unisex haircuts and pastel outfits. Oh, and rocks.


The 100 Best NES Games Ever
Syd and friends unveil their list of the 100 greatest games for the greatest 8-bit console.
Is Barbie really on the list? You'll have to read it to find out.


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