About Syd Lexia and SydLexia.com

      SydLexia.com is a pop culture website that primarily focuses on TV shows, music, movies, video games, and toys from 1980-1995 because that's when I grew up. Some people see the 1980s as a cultural wasteland, an era that was devoid of creativity and marked by excess and hypercommercialism. I do not see things that way at all. From a trend standpoint, the 80s are much like any other era: there were hits, misses, and things that became way more popular than they ever should have been. The difference between the 80s and a decade like the 60s is that most of the really bad stuff from the 60s like the 1966 movie The Wild World of Batwoman has been forgotten whereas Comedy Central still occasionally shows 80s crapfests like Mannequin and My Best Friend Is a Vampire. The baby boomers also have the "advantage" of being older which they have used to perpetuate certain illusions, such as the one that Hanna-Barbera produced great cartoons throughout the 1960s and 1970s. In truth, Hanna-Barbera is responsible for cranking out a massive collection of largely unmemorable cartoons in assembly line fashion. Most H-B cartoons were produced very cheaply and very quickly, as evidenced by the shoddy backgrounds and formulaic plots. In its heyday, Hanna-Barbera produced only three worthwhile cartoons: The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and Yogi Bear. Unfortunately, thanks to the sentimental assholes who used to run certain local television stations in my area, my childhood was filled with reruns of Huckleberry Hound, Herculoids, Birdman, Snagglepuss, Funky Phantom, and the reigning king of overrated lameass cartoons, Scooby-Doo. These days, Cartoon Network even has a spin-off channel Boomerang, which is largely devoted to showing Hanna-Barbera crap. Now, the 1980s had its fair share of one-dimensional cartoons, but they at least had the benefit of higher production values and toylines to back them up. So while Pound Puppies and Potato Head Kids were not the best cartoons ever made, they certainly eclipsed Magilla Gorilla in terms of entertainment value. What's more, those fucking Pound Puppies toys were adorable.

      Truth be told, no decade is really any better than any other. Well, except for the 1970s; the 70s suck. The decade that gave us disco, Vietnam, Watergate, Grizzly Adams, and The Sex Pistols has no business being remembered fondly. Or maybe it does, what the fuck do I know? However, since my area of expertise is the Reagan-Bush era, you can expect to find articles on things like You Can't Do That On Television, Mortal Kombat, Poison, Total Recall and Bad Dudes instead. Some of the stuff that I'll talk about still seems cool today while some of it is laughably bad. And some of it is a little bit of both, like Revolution X.

      An About page wouldn't be complete with information on its operator(s), so let me hit you with that shit. SydLexia.com is run by me, Syd Lexia. I'm a twentysomething slacker with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and more free time than I care to admit. That's pretty much all that I've got to say. Enjoy the site.

- Syd Lexia