#99: Furby

      Furby was an annoying robot toy that vaguely resembled Gizmo from the Gremlins movie. It sang, slept, got sick, danced, and tried its best to bite your fucking finger off. It was created by Satan himself.

Syd Lexia: I know it was a Hitler and all, but I love my Furby. Damn thing is pretty cute. Me sleep again!

Valdronius: Furby should definitely be higher on this list. It is the embodiment of evil. The way it will wake up in the middle of the night, shift its beady eyes and proclaim, "Me hungry... FOR YOUR SOUL." If you tried to kill it by throwing it in a fire, its flesh would just melt off exposing the metal insides, just like the Terminator. Pure evil.

That Sad Robot: Kids somehow think these furry/feathered abominations are cute, but they are wrong... SO VERY FUCKING WRONG! They're merciless killing machines, sent by Satan to destroy mankind. Is it their tiny atrophied legs? Would it be cute if one were to bite your dad's fucking fingers off with its razor sharp beak? Maybe you'll find it cute when a Furby eats your god damn grandma and proceeds to shit her out all over your expensive electronics. Hell, it's estimated that over 100 million people, children and adults alike, were killed by the monstrosities in 1998 alone. Kinda puts shit in perspective, doesn't it?

Drew Linky: The nightmares still haven't stopped.

HitlerBot 8800: Heil Hitler!

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