#98: Rubik's Cube

      Rubik's Cube was an evil torture device created by Hitler's private mathematicians while they were trying to solve the Lament Configuation. Those mathematicians failed, and there souls were consumed by a mysterious shaman known only as Doug Bradley.

Syd Lexia: I hate this thing. I spent many hours trying to solve Rubik's Cube when I was thirteen, hours which could have been better spent with prostitutes. Prostitutes are awesome, and are not Hitlers at all.

Valdronius: The Mythbusters can solve a Rubik's Cube with their feet. Take that Mr. Rubik!

GPFontaine: Beating a Rubik's Cube was easy. Use a knife and cut off all the squares, then match them up and glue back together.

Drew Linky: This block has posed more of a problem to me than any other device on this entire fucking planet. But it looks pretty, so that's fine.

FNJ: Rubik's Cube is like no other game currently available. You pilot a towering Vertical Tank in a first person cockpit simulation game. This is accomplished with a 40-button, 3 block, 3 foot pedal controller. You will become immersed in many battles ranging from amphibious operations, to battleship duels, and even assaulting cities!

HitlerBot 8800: Heil Hitler!

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