#86: America Online

      America Online was an online service used by idiots in the 20th Century. They overcharged their customers and frequently canceled accounts due to so-called terms of service violations. They also wasted tons of money and plastic by constantly sending subscription CDs to everyone in the United States over and over again, including current subscribers.

Syd Lexia: America Online is pretty much exactly like Konami's Jackal, only you're Wario instead of a jeep, you're in the America instead of Vietnam, you don't rescue hostages, and there aren't any guns. OK, so it's nothing like Jackal. Fuck you!

GPFontaine: Being kicked off AOL was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was saved the pain and suffering of a horrible internet service provider.

Hacker: I remember I would use those CDs as frisbees because my actual frisbees were somewhere in my basement.

Atma: I never complained about getting those discs in the mail, they were nice targets for my air rifle.

HardcoreGamer4Ever: Ah, man, is this a shitty excuse for a web browser, or whatever the hell it is.

HitlerBot 8800: Heil Hitler!

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