#47: Pilotwings

Released In: 1991
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      Hone your flying skills in this classic flight simulator for the Super Nintendo. Pratice flying planes and hang gliders, go skydiving, or blast off with a rocket belt. Heck, you can even take control of a fully-armed helicopter and go on rescue missions. Do you have what it takes to earn your pilotwings?

Syd Lexia: I have never been a fan of flight sims, and Pilotwings is unfortunately no exception. It's certainly a quality game, and makes great use of the Super Nintendo's infamous Mode 7 effects, but it's just not something that interests me.

greeneyedzeke: Jesus Christ, if there’s any Super Nintendo game that is crying out for a Wii-enhanced sequel, it’s Pilotwings. Skydiving, hang gliding, steering a helicopter, flying a plane – all of these could be mimicked quite effectively with motion controls.

This was one of the “Big Three” games available back when the Super NES launched. You got Super Mario World as your pack-in, and both SimCity and Pilotwings were available for sale. Anyhow, that’s how Christmas that year turned out. And, y’know what? I played Pilotwings the most. There, I said it. I played it more than Super Fucking Mario World. How do you like me now?

Valdronius: This was one of the first games released on the SNES, and I feel it used the new specs for the system quite well. It may not have been as fun as Super Mario World, but it was a good game nonetheless. A little frustrating at times, and sometimes you did want to punch those bastard instructors in the face, but it was all good. This came out in 1991!? Man, I feel old.

Douche McCallister: Looking for aggravation in a small 5" x 8" cartridge for your Super Nintendo? Look no further. Landing on the bonus level pads is ridiculous, hell, landing in the points square in the later stages was even worse. I don’t remember if I ever completed this game, but I do remember getting extremely frustrated with my rocket pack's controls and furiously screaming at the little guy to do what I wanted him to do or else. He never listened...

Knyte: This is the game that sold me on buying a Super Nintendo. After playing this at a friend's house, I was absolutely blown away that you could play awesome 3D games on the SNES.

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