#24: Duck Hunt

Released In: 1985
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      Use your Nintendo Zapper™ to shoot ducks or clay pigeons until you miss your quota or get bored.

Syd Lexia: You can shoot at one duck. You can at two ducks. You can shoot at clay pigeons. BUT YOU CAN'T SHOOT THAT MOTHERFUCKING CUNT ASS DOG! STOP LAUGHING AT ME, YOU COCKSUCKER!

I was never really into the clay shooting option, I'd always go after the ducks. Maybe it's because the game was called Duck Hunt and I subconsciously felt obligated to shoot the ducks as a result. Or maybe it's because murdering live animals is way more fun.

Valdronius: Was Duck Hunt even that good of a game? I always thought Hoganís Alley was a better light gun game, but I guess people arenít as familiar with it. I guess familiarity deems merit, and thatís why Duck Hunt comes in at #24. I always thought it was strange how you could always hit the duck, no matter where it was on the screen, if you aimed the Zapper at the center of the screen.

greeneyedzeke: There have been so many ridiculous gun accessories for various consoles since this game came out, the Super Scope and the Menacer spring to mind, but the original gray and white Zapper still trumps them all. Why? It worked with Duck Hunt. This was gaming, pure and simple. No plot, no setup, no pretension. Your dog jumped into the bush, some ducks flew out, and you shot them. If you succeeded, great. If not, the damn mutt laughed at you while you fired away at the screen hoping that just once the game would glitch, the hit would register, and his taunting would end in a hail of bullets.

Dr. Jeebus: More childhood memories from Jeebus: I was really good at this game. And by really good, I mean I stood like half an inch away from the television. One time, I was doing the skeet shooting game because I wanted to see what would happen if you got past level 99. When I got to level 98, my parents made me go to bed.

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