Super Bomberman
#45: Super Bomberman

Released In: 1993
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Hudson Soft

      Bomberman's first adventure on the Super Nintendo finds him battling through 48 levels of bomb-filled fun to save Diamond City from the evil forces of Mr. Karat and Dr. Mukk, either by himself or with a second player. There's also the famous Bomberman battle mode, which allows up to four players to fight each other at once. If you're wondering how to do this when there's only two controller ports on a Super Nintendo, the answer is simple: the game comes with a multitap.

Syd Lexia: You might be wondering why this game is ranked higher than Super Bomberman 2. After all, Super Bomberman 2 had a better adventure mode and offered a richer multiplayer experience. However, Superman Bomberman had two things that the sequel didn't. First of all, it had a two player co-op mode. Secondly, it came with the Super Multitap, the device that allowed you to plug four controllers into your Super Nintendo. The NES had also had a multitap, but it came packaged by itself and there wasn't much support for it. By packaging a game with it, and a great game at that, Hudson was able to popularize the multitap, thus leading to more games with four player support. In turn, the success of the Super Multitap and four player games led Nintendo to build four controller ports into their N64, which quickly led to four player support being the console industry's standard. So if you've ever played Timesplitters 2 all night long with three of your best friends, you can thank Super Bomberman for making it happen.

Valdronius: Super Bomberman + a multitap + three friends = some of the best times of my life. Who could forget the mad race to find the detonators and a kick? Add on the gold flame power-up and you've got a self-destructing good time. Seriously, was there anything funnier than infecting everyone with the bomb-dropping disease and watching the mayhem that ensued? I think not.

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