#22: River City Ransom

Released In: 1989
Developer: Technos
Publisher: Technos

I hold your city captive & Ryan's girlfriend hostage.
With my gangs of students and evil bosses, nobody can stop me now.
Meet my demands - or else!

P.S. Alex and Ryan if you interfere, you'll be in for the fight of your lives!


- River City Ransom Prologue

Syd Lexia: River City Ransom is an amazing game, one that walks the line between beat 'em up and RPG, between cult classic and true classic. I spent hours upon hours raising my stats in the hopes that I would finally be able to wield Excalibur, which I had obtained from Merlin's Mystery Shop... I didn't realize that it was just another stat-boosting item and not an actual weapon. This game kicks major ass and I could write pages upon pages of stuff about it. But instead I'll leave you with one word: BARF!

DarkMaze: Holy crap this game makes me hungry! I never realized it before, but GEEZ! Donuts, honey buns, sushi, waffles, pancakes... Damn! I'll be right back; I need to go stuff myself before I finish writing this.

Okay, good. Man, if I ate as much as those dudes, the only way I could attack would be to just roll myself at the gangs and hope for a strike. Perhaps that's what all the "BARF!"-ing is about everyone just eats too much. Alex and Ryan should challenge Master Higgins to an eating contest. Yes.

As for the gameplay? Well, it's essentially Chibi Double Dragon. With eating. That's really all you need to know. Oh, and it's a lot of fun.

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