#2: John Madden

      As head coach for the Raiders, John Madden took a bunch of criminals and eventually led them to a Super Bowl victory. Not long after that, he retired and began a career as a loud, annoying sports commentator with little actual insight. He eventually parlayed his announcing career into a crappy line of football video games that only idiots enjoy. Congratulation John Madden, you truly are a Hitler.

Atma: I hate him so much. Even more than onions, and I despise onions.

Klimbatize: I'm one of those idiots that enjoy Madden games. I will never understand the hate for sports video games, Madden in particular. Is it some sort of nerd elitism? Go play one of the thousands of RPGs, fighting games, or shooters out there if you don't like it.

HardcoreGamer4Ever: I hate most football games and only have a casual interest in the real thing. Fuck you, Madden.

HitlerBot 8800: Heil Hitler!

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