#1: Joseph Stalin

      Stalin was like Hitler, only more successful. He won the wars he waged, kept the territories he conquered, and outlived all of his enemies, mostly because he had his enemies murdered. He also killed 30 million people to Hitler's 12 million. No single human will ever be as evil or powerful as the mighty Joseph Stalin. Bow to your Soviet master!

Syd Lexia: Another important fact about Stalin is that he had a way better moustache than Hitler. Hitler's moustache was lame.

Kris Lexia: Stalin's moustache looks like french fries. I am going to eat it.

Dr. Jeebus: Heil Stalin!

Klimbatize: Stalin finally gets his due credit. One of the most underrated Hitlers ever.

Drew Linky: ...yay!

HitlerBot 8800: Heil Hitler!

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1: Joseph Stalin

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