Lufia and the Fortress of Doom
#40: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom

Released In: 1993
Developer: Neverland
Publisher: Taito

      Along time ago, the evil Sinistrals appeared and attempted to take over the world, but hey were defeated by a brave group of warriors. But now the Sinistrals have returned and peace is threatened once again. As a descendant of one of the original warriors who beat the Sinistrals, it's up to you, your childhood friend Lufia, and a couple of random people you meet to defeat the Sinistrals once again. With its intriguing story and emphasis on puzzle-solving, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom is a very memorable RPG.

Syd Lexia: This an old school RPG, the kind where your characters don't retarget their attacks if the enemy they were planning to attack suddenly dies. So if you're one of those lazy bastards whose sole RPG strategy consists of mashing through the battle menu and hoping for the best, you get your ass handed to you. But if you, um, AREN'T RETARDED, you'll love this game. The game is pretty much standard RPG fare, but the dungeons are really well-designed and the story is very, very cool.

Valdronius: "Lufia owes you so much. You think the least she could do is bake you a pie."

There's a lot to not like about this game, particularly in battles. You don't get to pick which enemy you fight, only which group of enemies, and if you eliminate a group, anyone set to attack the group still tries, kind of like in the original Final Fantasy. I still played through the entire game though. It has a good story, the mechanics just leave something to be desired.

Douche McCallister: This is a great game, it is challenging and downright awesome. Don't play Lufia II if youíve never played this one, you wonít appreciate it as much.

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