#39: Shadowrun

Released In: 1993
Developer: Beam Software
Publisher: Data East

      Shadowrun takes place in a bizarre cyberpunk future where orcs, elves, and vampires coexist with technology and grim industrial cityscapes. You are Jake Armitage, a courier in Seattle who is critically wounded by assassins. You awake in a morgue, plagued by amnesia. Your goal is to uncover exactly who you are and who wants you dead. Based on the pen and paper RPG of the same name.

Syd Lexia: This game rules. It's a real-time top-down RPG, not entirely unlike Diablo. You earn karma points by killing enemies, which you then use to upgrade your skills. You learn keywords by conversing with people, then you ask other people about them in order to advance the game. Those mechanics should be fairly familiar to gamers, but Shadowrun is not without its innovations. During the course of the game, Jake can hack into various computers for money or information by sending a virtual version of himself into cyberspace. Virtual Jake will have to physically retrieve whatever he's after as well as fight security systems and, true to the Shadowrun universe, cyberdeath will result in real death. So yeah, I highly recommend this game. The end boss is a dragon.

Valdronius: Though I didn't care much for the controls in this game, I always love games that blend action and thinking. I never could get past those damn mermaids though. Stupid Ariel and her stupid bitch friends.

Murdar Machene: The best of the Shadowrun games, including the recent first person shooter (ugh). I really liked this RPG - the music was great, the combat was fun, and it had a somewhat "adult" edge to it that really drew you in.

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