#21: Super Mario Bros. 2

Released In: 1988
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad journey to the dream land of Subcon to free it from the tyrannical rule of the evil frog king Wart and his minions. Here's a hint: Wart hates vegetables.

Syd Lexia: While many villains from this game have reappeared in the Mario universe since the unrelated Doki Doki Panic was transformed into Super Mario Bros. 2, some of the best ones are still MIA. Wart, Tryclyde, and Mouser immediately spring to mind as villains who deserve another shot at the big time. The recent flood of Mario RPGs have reused many classic enemies, so perhaps there's hope yet. Specifically though, I'd like to see Bowser form some sort League of Evil bent on destroying Mario. It could include Bowser, Wario, Donkey Kong, Wart, Mouser, and Benito Mussolini. I realize that Wart *technically* doesn't exist since SMB2 was all just a dream and *technically* Mussolini is dead, but I don't think those issues will adversely effect my idea in any major way.

Valdronius: In retrospect, given the choice between the Japanese Super Mario Bros 2 and the American one, I’m glad we got the one we did. The “Lost Levels” were fun and all, but this game was a departure from the original, whereas the real SMB2 was more of a carbon copy. It’s a shame that many of the baddies from this game never made another appearance in any Mario games. This game has no major drawbacks, though I wonder if it would have gained popularity in the West if it hadn't been part of the SMB series.

greeneyedzeke: What is it with Nintendo and making the second game of a series the one that’s out of sync with the other games? We all know the story of Doki Doki Panic and the sprite swapping, but still... this was a weird ass entry in the Mario saga. While not as controversial as Zelda II, this game does contain pink bird creatures with gender identity disorder and a main bad guy who’s conspicuously absent from every Mario game ever made since this one. All I know is Peach pwned those ice levels.

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