#20: Mega Man

Released In: 1987
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

      Dr. Wily has stolen Dr. Light's Robot Masters and reprogrammed them to lead his robot armies and fulfill his deranged dreams of ruling the city. Only Mega Man, Dr. Light's last remaining robot that doesn't totally suck, can save the day. Only by dispatching Cutman, Gutsman, Elecman, Iceman, Fireman, and Bombman and integrating their weapons into his system can Mega Man hope to defeat Dr. Wily.

Syd Lexia: Having played Mega Man 2 first, I didn't like this one nearly as much. I could complain about the lack of energy tanks, the excessive difficulty of the Yellow Devil or how much I hated Gutsman's level, but those aren't my biggest problems with this game. No, my biggest problems are that:

1) The original designs of the energy coins and weapon recharge cells pale in comparison to their Mega Man 2 counterparts
2) There's no fucking map of Wily's castle

Those might seem like minor complaints to you, but fuck you. Despite its flaws, this game was a worthy start to one of the greatest and most prolific franchises in video game history.

Valdronius: If youíve been paying attention, youíve realized that we havenít seen Mega Man 2 or 3 yet, so the previous theory of the games getting progressively worse has failed. Nevertheless, the cornerstone of the Mega Man series is still very good, breaking into the top 20. There were only six master robots, but they are probably the most memorable and not just because of their cameo appearances on Captain N. Of all the games in the series, this one is the hardest. In particular, the Yellow Devil boss in Dr. Wilyís castle is a pain in the ass to beat.

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