#18: Crystalis

Released In: 1990
Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK

      1997, October 1, The END DAY. One hundred years after a devastating nuclear apocalypse, civilization has reverted to a medieval state. Technology is all but forgotten, horrible mutants roam the countryside, and swords and magic rule the day. You play as a self-named hero from the 20th century. You awake from a cryochamber to find the world in strife. The evil Emperor Draygon has amassed a giant army and plans to conquer what's left of humanity using the last remnant of technology, a giant floating weapon known as the Tower that was built to oppress evil. As the hero of prophecy, it is up to you to assemble the legendary sword Crystalis, defeat Draygon, and destroy the Tower before it can complete its intended purpose: the complete destruction of all life.

Syd Lexia: In 1991, if you had asked me what my favorite Nintendo game was, I would have answered Crystalis without any hesitation. God, I love this game. This game took the Legend of Zelda formula and upped the ante significantly. This game has pretty much everything you could possibly ask for in an action-oriented RPG: giant bosses, cool swords, and an engaging storyline. Oh yeah, and a rather unique set of magic spells that includes both shapeshifting and telepathy. If I had done this list all by myself, this game probably would have cracked the Top 10. This game may not be as well-known as most of the other titles in Top 20, but it is unquestionably as good as any of them. Simply put, this game fucking rules. Stay away from the Game Boy Color version though; not only did they ruin the story, they also made the game painfully linear.

Dr. Jeebus: I always felt like Syd and I were the only kids that had ever owned this game, which is such a shame. I found this game to be pretty challenging and a whole lot of fun. It also had a great storyline and a rather cool weapon system. Unfortunately, we had to employ some sort of shenanigans (Nintendo Power perhaps?) to find a couple items of key items like the gas mask. Otherwise, neither one of us would have ever beaten the game.

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