#14: Tetris

Released In: 1989
Developer: Nintendo
Under License From: ELORG
Publisher: Nintendo

      Arrange falling tetrads to create lines in Nintendo's adaptation of the classic Soviet mind control weapon masquerading as a highly addictive game. For maximum points, create a tetris by clearing four lines at once.

Syd Lexia: I loved Nintendo Tetris. I was obsessed with clearing B-Type on Level 9 to see which Nintendo characters would show up in the congratulatory cut scene. I could never beat it on Height 5.

Valdronius: I attribute the popularity of Tetris to the fact that it came packaged with the Game Boy. That and the fact that it was incredibly addictive and a great time-killer if you had nothing else to do. Often imitated, never duplicated, Tetris is a simple yet brilliant puzzle game that can be played for hours without losing the fun factor.

Rycona: Aesthetically, mathematically, and puzzle-wise, this game is quite pleasing. I fell in love with Tetris from the first play and I still play it in some form at least a few times each week. I still hate the Tengen version though. =-=HISS=-=

Dr. Jeebus: This game is, and will forever be, the shit. This is probably the game that's been remade the largest number of times with the fewest changes, as well as the game that's had the most knock-offs, good and bad, made from it.

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