#9: Battletoads

Released In: 1991
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Tradewest

      The evil Dark Queen has kidnapped Princess Angelica and your cohort Pimple. It's up to Battletoads Rash and Zitz to fight their way to the Dark Queen's Tower, defeat the queen, and rescue their friends. To do so, the Battletoads will have to make their way through a series of well-designed, if not incredibly difficult levels, each more ridiculous than the last.

Syd Lexia: I used to always take the warp in the third level, Turbo Tunnel. Not because I necessarily wanted to, but because by that point in the level, I could no longer avoid the barriers because they were coming at me too fast and I simply couldn't dodge it. My least favorite level in this game is probably Rat Race, where you have to reach bomb's before the queen's rodent henchman, but Clinger Wingers is a close second. Damn that giant swirly thing. Damn it to hell.

Valdronius: Battletoads has arguably the best soundtrack of any game on the NES, and even though most people probably never made it past Level 3, it remains a favorite of gamers. The combat mechanics were easy to use, and they were comical too. Anyone who has played this game can tell you that if you charge an enemy, you grow ram horns, and kicking an enemy when they’re down gives you a giant boot. Then there was the ability to destroy enemy robots and pick up their parts as weapons. A big part of this game’s greatness is the fact that every level was very different. The first level was a standard scrolling level, but when you fought the level boss, you did so from the boss’s point of view. The second level involved rappelling down an enemy-infested tunnel. The third level had speed-bikes. Other levels involved climbing and jumping over mechanical snakes, swimming, and vertical scrolling. It may have been near impossible to beat, but it was a great game nonetheless.

Dr. Jeebus: This game is fucking impossible. No one has beaten this. Ever. Not even on an emulator. And if you try and prove me wrong, I will slit your fucking throat. Despite never seeing what the last level looked like, I still think this is a great game though.

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