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Dorkly does top 25 SNES games

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Title: SydLexia COO
Joined: Aug 22 2005
Location: The Great White North
PostPosted: May 30 2014 09:44 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Not a whole lot different from our homegrown list. Seems like a reasonable list, even if it doesn't have the breadth of ours.

Klimbatize wrote:
A Hispanic dude living in Arizona knows a lot of Latinas? That's fucking odd.

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Title: Distillatoria
Joined: Jun 09 2010
Location: a von down by the river
PostPosted: May 31 2014 07:43 am Reply with quote Back to top

I mostly can agree with it. Giving 2 spots to Mortalkombat games and 2 to Earthworm Jim games seems too much though. I also miss any game from the Soulblazer series (Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma etc).

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it was the blurst of times
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Title: All right, that's cool!
Joined: Jan 11 2010
Location: Accounting Dept.
PostPosted: May 31 2014 01:47 pm Reply with quote Back to top

I'm honestly surprised Kirby's Dream Land 3 made #22. It's a wonderful game and one of my personal favorites. Though if I'm being honest, there isn't much depth and it pales in comparison to Kirby Super Star (which was ranked #42 in our list; Kirby's Dream Land 3 didn't even place in our list).

Other than that, not a bad list!
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