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RPG (Non-Video Game) Stuff!

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Title: Sporadic Poster
Joined: Nov 19 2009
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PostPosted: May 12 2020 04:35 pm Reply with quote Back to top

I've been running adventures for my current private gaming group over Hangouts for the better part of three years now; these people are all people I've been playing with for a long time, anywhere from eight years to twenty five years, and so far we've done 3.5E D&D, Shadowrun 5E, 5E D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Mutants and Masterminds 2E, and I've got a few more things planned for them. Right now, we're running through Sunless Citadel for 5E from the Tales from the Yawning Portal book; we generated stats/classes/races via suicide dice, which has been hilarious because the only really competent character that came out of it was my longest-term player's new partner who'd never played 5E before. After we wrap that, here's what's coming up!
playthrough of Cabin in the Woods (the film) with all characters and creatures statted with Mutants and Masterminds 2E
Monster of the Week
Werewolf: The Wild West/Wraith: the Oblivion crossover game set in Tombstone, AZ prior to the Shootout at the OK Corral

Is anyone else playing any tabletop RPGs, or online ones? I know it's been tough playing games in person because of la rona! I'm mulling over doing an online-style game now that I don't have to go to a job outside of my home anymore, probably Vampire the Masquerade 5E or something.

Who likes role-playing games? Me. Way too goddamn much.
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