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Parasite wins Academy Award for best picture

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Grampa Fuddy
Title: Silly Hats Only
Joined: Jul 17 2019
Location: Westmont, IL
PostPosted: Feb 12 2020 01:32 am Reply with quote Back to top

“Once you overcome the 1-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” While I haven’t been able to check out Parasite yet, that quote from director Bong Joon Ho really hit the nail on the head. Way back in 2004, I remember going to the theater with a friend and we couldn’t decide between seeing Napoleon Dynamite or Hero with Jet Li. I initially wanted to see the former, but wound up losing that game of rock, paper, scissors. Yes the movie was subtitled, but that didn’t matter because found myself completely immersed in the world it created. The only thing that took me out of it was when my friend leaned over and whispered, “Hey, I didn’t know this movie was going to make me read. Did you want to slip out and see Napoleon Dynamite in the other theater?” I told him to shut the fuck up. I couldn’t believe it. The barrier was only 1-inch tall and he missed out on the awesome experience that I had. Looking back now, Napoleon Dynamite doesn’t hold up. Hero is still amazing and I’m overdue for a rewatch. Parasite just won a buttload of Oscars including best picture. So I gotta check that out too.

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Title: Deku Scrub
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PostPosted: Feb 12 2020 04:34 pm Reply with quote Back to top

I should go see Parasite.

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Title: Warrior-Poet
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PostPosted: Feb 13 2020 03:11 pm Reply with quote Back to top

It is super sad how turned off people can be by subtitles. Yet another reason to thank anime I guess.

I haven't seen it either...doesn't look like my kind of thing. Would be very interested to know what y'all think if you have, though.

William Shakespeare wrote:
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Joined: Mar 08 2011
Location: Ohio
PostPosted: Feb 15 2020 10:17 am Reply with quote Back to top

I saw Parasite in the theater with my wife. She spent a month or two trying to get me to go see it. It's intense, fairly riveting. The movie is centered around an almost explicit conversation of classism. It is masterfully done though. I don't want to talk about the sort of plot of it because it definitely is something that you should feel the shocks of as they happen if you go see it. I felt it was worth the ungodly price of going to see a movie though. If nothing else I think the parts that feel horrific work both in the plot and as part of the overall horror of human suffering that the story sort of nods at and that seems impressive to me.

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2010 NES Champ
Title: 2011 Picnic/Death Champ
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PostPosted: Feb 15 2020 06:47 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Pretty much the greatest thread of all time:

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Title: Distillatoria
Joined: Jun 09 2010
PostPosted: Feb 16 2020 02:58 am Reply with quote Back to top

Oh man, Jared is a badass!
Everyone knows that only losers read. Losers and Quantumphysicists.
Wich is bascially the same.

On Topic:

"Parasite". Did not see it but it's supposed to be great, so if i get the chance i will definetly watch it.
Also, people should really watch the before mentioned "Hero" by Zhang Yimou, wich is an artisitic masterpiece.

it was the best of times
it was the blurst of times
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