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'90s Nickelodeon Vs. '90s Cartoon Network

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Poll :: Which Is Better?

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Cartoon Network
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Title: Dorakyura
Joined: Jul 10 2010
Location: Castlevania
PostPosted: May 11 2014 09:06 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Both of those cartoons just cater to the generations of "every kid has ADHD and autism" (which I still believe is a crock of shit), gotta be random because people have no attention span/patience anymore.

They are both utter pieces of shit. I think Dick Cavett said it best: "As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it." and "I think we live in an age of increasing mediocrity."

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Title: Miss Madness 99
Joined: Sep 09 2012
PostPosted: May 12 2014 11:56 am Reply with quote Back to top

Jack Slater wrote:
Logan wrote:
Many of us have fond memories of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Nickelodeon had such great shows as Ren And Stimpy, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, All That, Rocko's Modern Life, Kenan And Kel, Cat Dog, The Angry Beavers, etc. Cartoon Network had shows like The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab, Cow And Chicken, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Courage The Cowardly Dog, and more. Nickelodeon obviously had the edge in live action shows, but many kids were introduced to the joys of anime with Cartoon Network's Toonami. I honestly can't decide between the two. Both were a huge part of my childhood.

You inadvertently give away your age from your examples. For example, I knew instantly that you had to still be in your teens, because I'm in my now late 20s and I was way too fucking old for courage the cowardly dog when it came out, and I had pretty much moved on from kids tv when kenan and kel was still in production. But I love ya, kid. Know why? Because you have given me an excuse to reminisce.

I would say for the 90s, Nickelodeon reined supreme. Cartoon Network didn't really gain ground until the end of the decade. It wasn't even carried on Phoenix AZ cable until around 97 I want to say, and the programming back then wasn't very good. Yes you had the few originals you listed like Powerpuff and Dexter, but the majority of airtime was reruns of old Hanna Barbara stuff. This wouldn't bad in and of itself, but it wasn't a huge variety either, and they reran the same episodes multiple times a day. I can recall wanting to watch CN 24/7 on summer break but knew there wasn't much point, as the four Scooby Doo eps I saw at 10am would be the same exact ones that would be on at 11pm. Other than that it was 2 Stupid Dogs and Secret Squirrel. I don't have very fond memories of Toonami if I don't have my rose colored glasses on. Speed Racer is a very shitty show.

Nickelodeon though? Man almost the whole decade it was my go to shit. I started out with Eureka's Castle and David the Gnome before I was even in kindergarten. I remember losing my shit because cablevision changed the channel it was on and I couldn't watch Eurekas. The programming just seemed to get better and better, and almost seemed to grow along with me. I mean, fucking Pete and Pete man! Does this face off even really need to occur since we acknowledged Pete and Pete? It IS the 90s. It's the entire 90s compressed down into one blur of absurdity.

If that wasn't enough, you had cartoons, you had game shows, you had sitcoms, you had horror, you had variety skit shows, I mean how do you even compare this to blocks of Morocco Mole rerun three times a day?

It's seriously a shame what has happened to both networks. Sure, part of it has to be me growing up, but they are just difficult to watch now. I don't even think I could watch anything on either with my kids that they now air, though my oldest does love Spongebob, and that's bearable. But it's not enjoyable.

I really really wish Viacom would give all that old Nickelodeon stuff proper dvd releases. Most of it is just dust in the wind now. I mean, am I the only person left alive who still remembers Welcome, Freshmen? Not that it was a classic or anything, but fuck it had some funny bits. Surely they could cash in on it.

pretty much this

and I agree about welcome freshman

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Title: Sporadic Poster
Joined: Nov 19 2009
Location: Kissimmee, FL
PostPosted: May 12 2014 12:14 pm Reply with quote Back to top

HardcoreGamer4Ever wrote:
aeonic wrote:
HardcoreGamer4Ever wrote:
You may like Regular Show. It's geared more towards adults than other kids shows.

As someone nearing his mid-thirties who gets high on a pretty frequent basis, I don't know what kind of adult audience that fucking show is aiming for. I watched a couple episodes with my nephew and didn't feel like I was 'getting it' until it was almost time for him to go home and I'd finished a handful of mood stabilizers. I still far prefer that, or really anything (even that fucking creepy baby-man Uncle Grandpa) to Adventure Time, which I'm pretty sure was made just to spite me.

Wait, did you... No, hold on a minute, did you just call Uncle Grandpa better than Adventure Time? I... I have no idea how to respond to this.

I guess that it's telling that I'd rather watch an animation about an elderly dementia patient with magic powers than a post-apocalyptic Candyland fantasy story about an idiot child and his annoying magical dog-brother. Which is funny, because I like post-apocalyptic stuff, fantasy stuff, and occasionally Candyland. Otherwise, I'll wait for the next season of Venture Bros.

Who likes role-playing games? Me. Way too goddamn much.
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Methid Man
Title: Spawn of Billy Mays
Joined: Nov 23 2010
Location: Hackensack, NJ
PostPosted: Jul 05 2014 11:53 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Hoo boy, this thread has really piqued my interest.

I didn't get Cartoon Network until 2001 so all I had until then was Nickelodeon. I was aware that CN had mostly old Hanna Barbera shows but I also found out about some really cool shows like Swat Kats and Dexter's Laboratory. Nonetheless, Nick was the shit in the first half of the 90's with Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Nick Arcade, Guts, Welcome Freshman, Wild and Crazy Kids...the list goes on.

By the late 90's, Nick was starting to get a little stale and I was starting to feel like I was really missing out on what CN had like Toonami and a whole bunch of shows that by that point were no longer available to watch on TNT or TBS and had moved on over exclusively to that network. I had to make do watching whatever good shows Nick had left (Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob, Invader Zim) and whatever was on Fox Kids and Kids WB.

Once I finally got CN, I pretty much left Nick for dead ever since.

Hardcore, here's one guy in his early 30's who much prefers Adventure Time over Uncle Grandpa. I agree Uncle Grandpa is fuckin' retarded. Adventure Time is fun if you can get yourself to watch a certain amount of episodes and come to understand what kind of world it's set in. I personally think that show has earned the fact that there's so much merchandise based on it.

Personally though, I think both networks have turned to shit for the most part. These days I'm more of a fan of Hub Network. Any network that airs reruns of Animaniacs is awesome in my book.
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