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Novel Idea

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Title: Pretty Sweet Guy
Joined: Oct 21 2009
PostPosted: Mar 12 2010 02:50 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Well I was thinking of getting off my lazy ass and actually begin witting on a novel idea I've been cooking for about 2 years now. After playing with several characters and concepts, I think I've hit the mark for what I want it to be.

Title: Halcyon Days or Empirical Ants (Title doesn't matter until after its done.)

Interpersonal story
I wanted to try something interesting concerning human nature. I want this concept to be defined as by the main character, a person having to move his damaged body into the world's first artificial body. I don't want this to be like Ghost in the Shell. (Or better yet, Blade Runner) I wanted limited abilities for the character i.e. finger movements, thought, eye movement, communication etc. Also there will be mechs, awesome awesome mechs.

I want the setting something unique. I wanted a company to expand to make the first company city-state, outside of world laws (Antarctic treaty) and build a weapon in space. With a strict filter into this city-state, it seems to be a society built around defense and enlightenment. I wanted this idea of war and learning to be a doctrine created by a man named Octan, which the world considers the first Secular Saint. Maybe naming the state the ODS (Octan Defense Society.) In short time of this state being formed, a new revolutionary power engine is created. The ODS gives this engine to the world, in good faith. After finding out the World Powers use it for war, the ODS uses the space weapon to destroy the only working ones. All but one engine remains, in which the entire plot will run around. A team from the ODS are sent to track down and destroy the last remaining engine. The main character will be the last recruit in this team. I wanted his artificial body and fast hand eye coordination to give him an edge inside a mech, but leave him almost useless outside of it.

In general, I wanted to touch on the difference between human and machine, but not in a typical bullshit way. I want the overall theme to be its not which the material the being is made of, but rather the content that makes a human, human.

That's the basic concept, feedback is more than welcomed.
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