#84: Virtual Boy Wario Land

Released In: 1995
Publisher: Nintendo

     Virtual Boy Wario Land is a critically acclaimed Game Pak that was produced for Nintendo's controversial Virtual Boy handheld system. It is the second game in the Wario Land series. All Virtual Boy Game Paks contain an automatic pause function. Nintendo recommends that you ALWAYS set the automatic pause to ON. To play Virtual Boy Wario Land, insert the Game Pak into the Virtual Boy, then turn the POWER switch located on the front of the controller to the ON position.

FNJ: After booting up your Vertical Tank for a deadly task crossing into enemy grounds, closing the hatch, engaging all systems, and starting up the main power system, you storm the beachland with allies on both sides. Rushing through the water, you see a pack of enemies appear on your radar just above. You hit the pedal to dash towards the mainland as you hop into fifth gear. As you land on dry land and out of the water, you see your fellow squad approaching right behind you. Straight ahead lie the enemy. You grab the right stick and lock on to one, firing your primary weapon at it, eventually launching a missile to take it out. From behind it approach a pack of twelve more enemies rushing over the hills. You see your emergency lights flash in the cockpit, and you know there's a missile aimed right for you. You slam the chaff button to send the enemy fire off-course, giving you a chance to get them unexpectedly. You switch to secondary firepower, dash up to one enemy giving it a quick jab of 1,000 volts to the chest knocking it down. You aim at the next, firing everything you have. You then realize your ammos running low. You grab the tuner dial and call in for backup, as well as more equipment.

As your team moves in, you head back to base, waiting for the supply chopper to land to drop off your ammo. It finally arrives and you stock up, heading back to help your team out, while staying in contact with them the whole time through their frequency. You get there to find them all lying useless on the ground. Then, from all corners, come a pack of enemies. They surround you, they shoot to take you out, and you use everything you've got. They knock you down messing up your windshield, and leaving your cockpit in flames. You slam the windshield button to clean off the debris, and then the extinguisher button to clear all fire from the cockpit. You see your VT's life meter on its last bar of power as another enemy slams into you, causing you to lose all power on the VT, leaving it in flames. Before it goes down, you crack open the eject button, pushing it as fast as you can. You fly through the air, leaving the Vertical Tank behind.

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