#15: StarTropics

Released In: 1990
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

      After receiving a letter from his Uncle Steve, Mike Jones decided to leave his home in Americola and visit him on C-Island. But when Mike gets there, he learns that his uncle has gone missing. The peaceful natives of C-Island give Mike a yo-yo to defend himself with. This may like a rather useless gift, but Mike is a star pitcher and the yo-yo becomes deadly in his hands. As he tries to unravel what happened to his archaeologist uncle, Mike travels around the islands of the StarTropics, solving various problems and looking for clues. Eventually Mike learns the unbelievable truth: his uncle has been abducted by aliens!

Syd Lexia: The overworld map in the game is ass ugly, especially for a game released in 1990. I mean, come on. The map in the original Dragon Warrior looks better than this shit. Luckily, the dungeons look a lot nicer. StarTropics plays a lot like Zelda, the main differences being that Mikey can jump, he has a yo-yo instead of a sword, he's fighting in a contemporary setting, and his main opponent is an evil alien named Zoda instead of an evil wizard named Ganon. There were only three things I didn't like about this game. First, there's the overworld map which I already bitched about. Second, I never liked how you had to talk to every goddam person in town before you could enter the first dungeon. Finally, I fucking hate those heart-stealing aliens in the last mission. Those guys suck. But I love this game, especially since it's one of the few NES games that was released in North America but not in Japan.

Valdronius: For me, StarTropics is a very memorable game. How memorable you ask? Well, my little brother was playing this game back in 2002, and he got to the part where you have to input a code that was written on a letter that came with the game, and could only be seen by wetting it. He asked me if I knew what the code was, but as I hadnít played the game in a good ten years, I said, "I dunno, uh, try 747. No wait, thatís a Boeing." Well, he put it in anyway, and I nearly soiled myself when it worked.

Rycona: I liked this game a lot. Somehow, I had two copies of it. I got stuck on the part where you had to get the three digit password by wetting part of the instruction booklet, which I didn't have. So I had to go through systematically, trying every number... which really sucks because the number was 747. That's right, it took me 748 tries.

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