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What games are you currently playing?

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Title: Deku Scrub
Joined: Dec 08 2007
Location: Indiana
PostPosted: Nov 09 2020 03:14 pm Reply with quote Back to top

LeshLush wrote:
Been playing Metroid Prime for the first time since it came out. It was a game I rented, but never owned, so I never beat it.

I'm about a third of the way done and really enjoying it. I remember nothing of my first time playing it twenty years ago, so the whole thing feels fresh and new. Wish their was a way to sidestep/strafe.

You can lock on to an enemy, then press left or right to sidestep/strafe. You can also hit A while moving to side jump either direction.

I remember going to a friend's house and he got Metroid Prime. I loved it so much I ended up getting a copy of Metroid Prime, along with Metroid Fusion on GBA. That series is so great.

i'll_bite_your_ear wrote:
DarknessDeku is already assimilated by the bots.
He knows your algorithm.

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Title: Distillatoria
Joined: Jun 09 2010
Location: van down by the river
PostPosted: Nov 17 2020 06:15 am Reply with quote Back to top

- Crown of Tundra DLC (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
- Mario Odyssee (2nd time playing it)

it was the best of times
it was the blurst of times
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Title: Ex-GameWinners
Joined: Jan 27 2008
Location: Southern Ontario
PostPosted: Jan 19 2021 05:21 am Reply with quote Back to top

FCI WCW series. Took a couple tries, but I finished WCW World Championship Wrestling as "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, so this binge is officially on.
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