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Title: Sir Galahad
Joined: Dec 19 2014
Location: Taiwan
PostPosted: Dec 30 2014 02:33 am Reply with quote Back to top


Madballs. Oh how I freakin'-Deacon-Beeping-Bleeping-Only-On-The-Weekends LOVE these things! When I was a kid, I used to beg my parents to buy me one every single time we left the GD house! And you know what? They usually gave in and bought me one, FUCK YEAH MA!! There was also a radical cartoon movie about the M-balls called 'Escape From Orb', which I had my mom rent me like twice a week, damn-near. Anyways, I have been thinking about not only buying a few online, but also maybe DOWNLOADING the movie and watching it with my kid!! They should really bring these things back and make a video game and the whole 9'er. Thoughts? Anyone?

Favorite Madball: Slobulus
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Title: Deku Scrub
Joined: Dec 08 2007
Location: Indiana
PostPosted: Dec 30 2014 07:32 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Never seen these before, but they remind me of those giant squishy eyeball things, and that is just gross.

i'll_bite_your_ear wrote:
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Joined: Apr 14 2006
Location: Lake Michigan
PostPosted: Jan 02 2015 03:58 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Loved them as a kid too. Didn't nearly get enough of them from my parents, though. Only had two or three growing up. Great toy for boys, and for grossing out your teacher and girls.
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Title: Sporadic Poster
Joined: Nov 19 2009
Location: Kissimmee, FL
PostPosted: Jan 02 2015 08:55 pm Reply with quote Back to top

I had Skullface, Screamin' Meemee, and Slobulus. I thought they were totally cool, and the guy in the stall across from me at the farmer's market has a Slobulus. I would get it, if I hadn't just gotten a sweet Jake the Snake action figure from him instead.

Who likes role-playing games? Me. Way too goddamn much.
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Joined: Oct 19 2009
Location: Nashville, TN
PostPosted: Jan 04 2015 04:26 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Oh wow. I totally forgot that these existed. I had Skullface as a kid.
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