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The Positronic Man

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Title: Captain Oblivious
Joined: Sep 01 2007
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PostPosted: Sep 06 2007 03:03 pm Reply with quote Back to top

It's the book that they based Bicentenial Man off of, and I think its great, kinda short, but just plain good.

And Bicentenial Man is a much better story of Artificial Intelligence becoming self aware than A.I., I know it was originally a Stanley Kubrik script before Steven Speilburg got ahold of it, but I really dont like that movie.

Also Short Circuit is the absolute best story about robots coming to life, and possibly one of the best 80s movies ever.

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PostPosted: Sep 06 2007 04:13 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Dumb Fact of the day:

Bicentenial man was based off a story by Isaac Asimov. Who created the concept of a "Positronic Brain". In honor of him, the Android Data on Star Trek had a Positronic Brain.
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Joined: Mar 30 2015
PostPosted: Mar 30 2015 02:16 am Reply with quote Back to top

There's also a d20 system RPG with the license. Never played it or read the books though.??

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PostPosted: Mar 30 2015 10:04 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Short Circuit and batteries not included are two movies from the '80s that really sparked my interest in robotics and A.I. I'm also really looking forward to Ex Machina. That being said, I've neither seen, nor (bringing it back to the main topic) read the material affiliated with Blade Runner beyond the Tiny Toons parody.

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