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I don't enjoy the Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park.

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Title: Deku Scrub
Joined: Dec 08 2007
Location: Indiana
PostPosted: Oct 12 2013 10:15 am Reply with quote Back to top

I haven't watched this kind of shit in years. Any quality TV shows I should check out?
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Joined: May 22 2008
Location: Goshen, VA
PostPosted: Oct 13 2013 12:34 am Reply with quote Back to top


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Title: Gun of Brixton
Joined: Jun 05 2011
Location: Down by the River
PostPosted: Oct 13 2013 11:48 am Reply with quote Back to top

I'm going to be "that guy" for a second. Louis is sort of the opposite of shows like that. It has an amazing ability to make me laugh my ass off and get all emotional about the situations he's in all at the same time. The first season is a little bit slow, but from there on, it's just hysterical. Check it out on Netflix, if you have it.

For something a little closer to the fun, stupid humor in SP, FG and the Simpson, you can't go wrong with Archer. It's not as good as it used to be, but it's still excellent.

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Bob Dylan`s Blues
Title: Worlds Strongest Man
Joined: Jun 08 2011
Location: Your nightmares
PostPosted: Oct 13 2013 02:53 pm Reply with quote Back to top

I assume you don't like American Dad and Bob's Burgers then? Honestly, I don't watch much tv anymore so those are the only two I can think of. Except Adventure Time, but I doubt that's the kind of show you're talking about.
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Title: Captain Oblivious
Joined: Sep 01 2007
Location: That Rainy State
PostPosted: Oct 27 2013 01:26 am Reply with quote Back to top

Archer is great, reminds me of SeaLab 2021 where the majority of the entertainment was from the dialogue, you're not even looking at the screen and it's still funny, and the animation isn't very good or adding much to the fun when you do glance at it (for either shows, though Archer seems to be less craptastic while still having that distinctive ~cheap~ style they both exhibited). Isn't Archer done by the same crew that did SeaLab 2021?

Bob's Burgers seems to have found it's legs and grown into a show I now enjoy, but I kind of agree with the rest, I've been veering away from Southpark/Simpsons/Family Guy lately. Never did like American Dad, the writing is just a shade too mean for me, which I don't even get because there's plenty of other mean shows I enjoy (like Archer).

Now that I think about it I see a pattern in what I like, H Jon Benjamin usually voicing one of the main characters, terrible to passable animation that doesn't really add much to the work besides classifying it AS animation / most of the humor in the dialogue..

Dr. Katz / Home Movies / SeaLab 2021 / Archer / Bob's Burgers / Lucy The Devil's Daughter, am I missing anything else? Confused

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Joined: Feb 04 2014
PostPosted: Feb 04 2014 02:01 am Reply with quote Back to top

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Title: Sporadic Poster
Joined: Nov 19 2009
Location: Kissimmee, FL
PostPosted: Feb 04 2014 01:01 pm Reply with quote Back to top

If you like really weird humor, Frisky Dingo/Xtacles might be worth checking out. Also, has anyone noticed that the spammers aren't even advertising stuff anymore? They're just happy to read the site!

Who likes role-playing games? Me. Way too goddamn much.
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Title: Dorakyura
Joined: Jul 10 2010
Location: Castlevania
PostPosted: Feb 04 2014 04:45 pm Reply with quote Back to top

The spambots should be happy to read the site and join the forums. Maybe one day they will become advanced enough to contribute something of value.

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