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Help me decide on a project!

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Poll :: Which of these ideas sound more appealing to you? (please read 1st post before answering)

Galaxy Cup
 100%  [ 10 ]
Custodians (working title)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 10

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Title: The Wandering Dragon
Joined: Jun 25 2009
Location: Atlanta, GA
PostPosted: Aug 24 2010 03:15 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Hi there folks.

For a while, I've attempted to sit down and work on a comic to not only post online, but also hopefully be able to sell on print, even if it means having to self publish. However, I haven't advanced much on the sort for several reasons, the most important one being that I have several ideas cluttering my mind, thus can't focus on a single one. With that being said, I need help deciding on a single one to focus my attention until further notice, and since this is a rather varied group in the forum, it would be a good focus group for such.

With that said, I've managed to narrow it to two ideas that have been brewing for a while (i.e. at least half of the plot figured out, characters and situations, etc.). The choices being:

1) Galaxy Cup: Science Fiction/Sports series. Icaro Xegara, son of legendary Space Soccer (name of sport subject to change) player Ronan Xegara, has been keeping a low profile since the terrible events that lead to the downfall of the Xegara name (including the disgraceful death of his father). One day, retired player and now renown Soccer trainer Abdul Encora manages to track him down with the offer to form a Space Soccer team for the mining colony Drakken, in hopes that such will encourage to put Drakken back in the map in a matter of speak. With the aid of bioengineered Eunuch Silva Harakishi, Icaro embarks in a venture to not only turn a band of misfits into a competent Soccer team, but also lead it to the top, in a chance to win the fabled Galaxy Cup tournament.

2) Custodians (working title, second option being Project N.O.A.H.): Action/adventure/fantasy series. Danny Aguilar is your average 17 year old, with no particular goals or ambitions, simply going along with what life throws at him, until one day he finds an artifact that, unknowingly at first, summons a feline humanoid from within him that calls itself Terry Nova and protects him from any kind of danger (a "Custodian" of sorts) and interacts with him in silly ways. From that day on, he learns that he's not the only one with such powers, as he meets other people with similar Custodians and is unwillingly tossed into a battle with evil/misguided Custodians, which are only a predule of worse things to come...


With that said, I'll appreciate if you tell me which of these ideas sounds more appealing to you (or some feedback for the matter), so I can get to work on a script and character sheets, and hopefully keep you posted on the status of such.
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2010 NES Champ
Title: 2011 Picnic/Death Champ
Joined: Mar 15 2010
Location: Las Vegas, NV
PostPosted: Aug 24 2010 03:23 pm Reply with quote Back to top

I like the Galaxy Cup idea a little more because it seems more original than the second idea. Also, you don't see many sports comics, so that's another plus.

Pretty much the greatest thread of all time:

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Joined: Jun 29 2010
PostPosted: Aug 24 2010 10:33 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Well, it's kind of hard judging which story you should pursue based on a 4-lines description, but the soccer one seems more interesting to me. Then again, if you choose the Custodian story, just remember there are people who will glance over it and go "lol pokemon ripoff". It's like trying to do a story about a magic school after Harry Potter. You might have some trouble convincing people it's a new, interesting thing.
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